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New Website

A new website is so very exciting. I won’t waste time convincing you why you need a website but when you are ready let’s talk about the best way to get online.

Website Motivation

If I can help you find motivation to create a website, update a website or just get a website game plan let’s chat over coffee. I understand sometimes you just need someone in your corner.

Website Updates

I offer monthly website maintenance plans for the websites I build and select local websites built on wordPress. Let me know if you need help with your website.

local Web desinger Emily Taylor

Emily Taylor


Web Design, For Real People

Hi, I'm Emily, your local web designer. When you work with me, I cut to the chase with simple solutions to help you do better online. I specialize in digital design with a big heart for regular people who need easy website solutions.

Schedule a converstaion with me today to stop feeling alone and unsure of what to do online and instead have a clear direction for  effective website design.

In addition to building website I blog all the things at

Mason Dixon Digital is a full service web design agency located in beautiful Adams County Pennslyvania offering real website design solutions for real people. Emily Taylor is a WordPress web designer offering approachable web coaching or custom website and digital design services.